With over 25 years of experience, DENA and Polysooleh is active in  manufacturing and installation of steel structures such as industrial plants and residential-commercial high-rises. This company is currently, Using from the presence of experienced engineers and technicians, who are quite knowledgeable about up to date standards and regulations. They start off the projects by calculation and design procedure for static structures which leads to preparing precise technical drawings.

The production capacity of our company for manufacturing, shot blasting, transport and assembling of steel structures is over 7500 tons in one working shifts per month; This is possible only by having more than 250,000  square meters area and over 90,000 square meters of production facilities.

The features which distinguish DENA Co. from other companies are: our high production capacity, high quality and speed of production and installation of structures. These important features are achieved by the help of its skilled personnel, modern equipments and powerful management principles.




  • Review drawings sent by the employer
  • Concluding a contract
  • Holding sessions with the adviser, supervisor and employer in order to review drawings and provide suggestions for the improvement of the qualitative and quantitative production processes with the best quality
  • Providing the time schedule and verification by the employer
  • Delivery of materials, quality test and sheet depot
  • Preparing shop drawings by latest software in the world and obtaining the employers and advisers verification branches from this office which located at
  • Cutting
  • Metal strips
  • Radial work
  • Columns and beams assembly and stiffeners installation
  • Additional components installation
  • Delivery of the project to the supervision system
  • Preparing, coloring and obtaining a letter of confirmation from QC unit of the factory and supervision of the products exit
  • Barcode installation
  • The products exit based on the sites request
  • Preparing the structures technical handbook