Color and transportation

Preparing and Coloring

Cleaning and preparing the component for coloring are done through sand blast and or shot blast at different levels for two purposes :

    • removing all surface contaminations, including soil, oil and external removal of dust and corrosion
    • roughening and preparing the surface for improving the color adherence

In sand blasting, using the wind pressure of special compressors, abrasive sands such as copper slag, silica sand and metal oxide powder are sprayed from the external nozzle on the metal surface.using each type of abrasive sands provides different levels of special roughness.

The degree of cleaning – sand blast – the type and thickness of color are performed based on the structural adviser procedures and international regulations. in the shot blast method, steel balls are thrown toward the component with a determined speed and angle at different angles (inside the machine) and the cleaning operation of the component is done full automatically and without human interference.

Then, the surface prepared by the airless machine is colored which leads to the reduction of color wastes, coloring speed and the possibility of color coverage with high thickness. At this step, quality control supervisors will supervise the product which was investigated during the production process and the control barcodes which were installed on the product as the seal of approval and will issue the products exit permit.

Barcode Installation

For forwarding the product to the installation site, a barcode with QR technology is issued and installed on the component. This barcode is the identity of the product where information such as dimensions and type of the product is saved. engineers at the installation site can observe the products characteristics and the adviser and supervisor can install them. Now, the structure is ready to be exited from the company and sent to the installation site in order to be famous in the tallest towers and skyscrapers in iran. By using the best technology of the world and the most experienced engineers and advisers  in the country and obtaining valid international licenses in the products quality management area, Dena factories could become one of the valid brands in iran. With the increasing progress, we hope that we can become famous as an iranian factory in the international arena.